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Feature in No Thoughts Magazine, Issue #9

I’m pleased to announce being published in another fine issue of No Thoughts Magazine, “The Music Issue, #9.”

My photo from Salzburg graces the back cover, “Punks Not Dead!” Check the issue out.

View “Issue #9” at here

Trying to Find the Ocean, Book Progress

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. . . . offset images from Michael’s upcoming book: “Trying to Find the Ocean”

Just when I’m on the cusp of declaring suburbia a bore . . . .

After a whole lot of cynical thought pertaining to the election, Captain America grabbed my attention on the way to buy a dinner burrito, in glorious backlight.

Always annoyed when interrupted with the ubiquitous questioning that probing photographers face, I gave the usual blow-off answer, “Just making some pictures”, when the store manager poked his head out the entrance door, “What are you taking pictures of?”

Turned out to be a gracious fella . . . “Do you like Captain America?”
“No, not really.”
“Do you want him?”
“Sure, what the hell. My son might dig him.”

After the photographs, me and the kind manager peeled Captain America’s head and torso off the vacant Borders bookstore, where he had set up a month-long Halloween shop.

Maybe I’ll adhere ole’ America’s head to my car’s rear window?

And why not . . . make a self-portrait as a Power Ranger.

"Michael Ast" "Captain America" "Power Rangers" "Michael Ast Self-ortrait" Montgomeryville "Montgomeryville, PA"

Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, (© Michael Ast, 2012)

A Self Reckoning, 2012

Self Portrait – Montgomeryville, 2012 (© Michael Ast)

Hugar Foote: My Friend from Memphis

“Sometimes I have these photographic dreams, where I’m looking at the shot, I think I’m taking them, or at least I’m looking at them, and they don’t exist – nowhere I’ve ever been. And I wake up with the best feeling in the world. What a nice dream. Then I can’t remember them. These pictures capture that feeling”

William Eggleston – introduction to “Hugar Foote: My Friend from Memphis“, Booth-Clibborn books, 2000

"Hugar Foote" Hugar Foote "My Friend from Memphis", "Foote book"

Hugar Foote: My Friend from Memphis, Booth-Clibborn books, 2000