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Pottsville, Pennsylvania (12.28.12)

Passing through, during a quick detour off Route 61 . . . returning from a day making photographs in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Fascinating town! My thoughts a bit congruent with the dark and dank history in that Pottsville before my eyes.

Michael Ast - Pottstown, Pennsylvania © 2012

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 12.28.12 (Michael Ast © 2012)

Resisting the Edit . . .

Resisting the edit . . . . suffering from tunnel vision. Wishing I popped out of the womb a sports fanatic, a boob tube potato, or at best, a Buddhist. The creative critic inside me is a brute, more often than not.

Michael Ast, dummy prints, Trying to Find the Ocean

Dummy Prints – Michael Ast © 2012

A Work in Progress – “Home Schooling” posted to website

From Home Schooling:
Recent etchings and photographs made within a couple miles of home. An ode of sorts to Gary Snyder and the discipline he’s stressed of knowing one’s own “backyard” first and foremost. Snyder may have been referring to domestic fauna, but as with any poet who gazes intensely into the outer world, he speaks of two gardens . . . the one we may find in our backyard, but more importantly, nurturing the dormant one inside, awoken by sensations and conscious awareness felt and discovered from experiencing oneself in his maternal environment.” ~ Michael Ast

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"Michael Ast", "Michael Ast blog", photoplymer

Photopolymer etching – from “Work in Progress” (© Michael Ast, 2012)