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LENSCRATCH “2013 Night Exhibition”

Michael Ast,Chattanooga, cat, cat at night, Halloween, Kings Point, Tennessee, TN, Lenscratch, Night Exhibition

Chattanooga (© Michael Ast)

Pleased to have my photograph “Chattanooga” featured in LENSCRATH’s “Night Exhibition”, launched today in conjunction with Halloween.

View Lenscratch Night Exhibition

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Michael Ast, PA Turnpike, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Turnpike, headlights, rearview, rearview mirror, traffic, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Chevron flight, Chevron, drone guitar, ominous

The first thing I heard was a grandmother killed picking okra in her fields, her grandson full of shrapnel, his father, the school teacher pleading on Capitol Hill to the Nobel Peace Prize president’s men about them lethal hawks hovering near by his schoolyard. I heard the daily jackhammer pound the length of the median strip . . . I put on Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Bad mistake. Bagpipes morphing into drone guitars, ominous sky, kinks in the chevron flight. The world might just implode today. At least it feels like it should.

Michael Ast – Interview With Blak Dot (October, 2013)

I’m honored to be featured and interviewed for Blak Dot by founder/curator Matt Sanchez, the delightful Oregon-based photographer. I discuss Guinness among more important things, namely image-making . . . .

View Interview at Blak Dot

Michael Ast, interview, photographer, photography, print maker, printmaker, printmaking, Trying to find the Ocean, Blak Dot, Michael Ast book, photo-etching, photoetching, Michael Ast photos

Michael Ast – Interview / Feature, Blak Dot, October, 2013

Sunday Morning Walk

Michael Ast, Sunday Morning, Spinnerstown, Lower Milford Twp, Lehigh County, Schoolhouse Lane, fog, morning dew, dew, walking, Sunday

Morning walk. Sunday. The dew drops fooled me for rain. Acorns strike gutters, my neighbors car. The neighborhood is two shades more yellow today. Not knowing my insects, is that monotone whistle a cicada? Feeling guilty for a moment, then jealous, thinking of Gary Snyder’s native knowledge. Crows caw. United Church of Christ bells in the distance. A thump in the woods, then again. I love the wet pavement this time of year, it runs straight through me. I can’t begin to translate the language I walk on, along graveled Peach Lane, how it meanders through perfect woods and introduces audible overload at this hour after dawn. I question how many silly fools tired themselves already with the government shutdown, picking sides hopelessly. And how much beauty they’ve already missed today in their morning clothes.

Michael Ast, Spinnerstown, Lehigh County Photos: Sunday Morning Walk, Spinnerstown (Michael Ast © 2013)

Back in the Printmaking Studio

Michael Ast, etching, photopolymer etching, intaglio, printmaking, Hahnemuhle, Charbonnel, offset, combined plates, print, Ast, printmaker

Emmett, Blacktop Beach (© Michael Ast, 2013)

Feels good to get back in the printmaking studio!

I’ve added a couple latest prints and will be posting more to my gallery in the coming weeks and months. Cheers!

Etchings Gallery