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TIS Books

The best $40 I have possibly ever spent. Even better than splurging for a case of Guinness. This set published by TIS books​ (This Is Sausage), unveiled just a couple weeks back at the Philadelphia Art Book Fair, is beyond beautiful in its meditation on place, pilgrimage, investigation and memory. All 4 books by Tim Carpenter, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley & J Carrier are unique and humbling in their restrained visual execution. The guys knew exactly how to place the experience in the viewers hands, softbinding perfectly in 6 x 7.5″ format, and printed precisely to compliment the light, tone and color that all 4 photographers are clearly stimulated by and confident in rendering. Such a distilling collection of photographs to amble with pensiveness in peace.

TIS Books, TIS, this is sausage, photobook, photobooks, Tim Carpenter, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley, J Carrier, NY publisher

TIS01, By Tim Capenter, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley & J Carrier, © TIS Books, 2015