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Archipelago by Matthew Porter (Mack Books, 2015)

Can’t put it down . . . a photobook where conceptual play does not detract the experience. Quite the editing here . . . I wasn’t surprised to see Roe Etheridge’s name in the acknowledgments. I’m new to Matthew Porter’s photography. “Archipelago” pulls from the history of his output (from what I’ve gathered), utilizing a simple, affective page template that creates a provisional pathway to a transcendental headspace. The tangibility of the book, with its aerated hard cover, mimics the weightlessness of a buoy. The viewer waxes and wanes turning the pages, bathed in Porter’s unique color, sometimes technicolor, sometimes subdued . . . . A great trip. (Mack Books, 2015)

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Archipelago by Matthew Porter (Mack Books, 2015)

New Photo Etchings, 2015

Matted . . . photopolymer etchings, 2015.

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Photopolymer Etchings, 2015