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Framed – Photo Etching (from Kinsey series)

Michael Ast, photopolymer, photo etching, printmaking, intaglio, Kinsey, print Michael Ast © 2016

a musing from the rocking dock – Book Feature from printer La Imprenta

I couldn’t be happier with the printing of a musing from the rocking dock by La Imprenta (Valencia, Spain).
La Imprenta shared my new book on their site, with a peek at some of the interior photos and pages:

“a musing from the rocking dock” @ La Imprenta blog

Michael, La Imprenta, LaImprenta, a musing from the rocking dock, photobook, The Unknown Books, HP Indigo, printer

Un momento fugaz en la vida de una playa norteamericana captado por el fotógrafo Michael Ast © La Imprenta CG / Michael Ast, 2016