Another Edit Commences . . . . Havana (January, 2018)

Another edit commences after my 2nd travel to Havana in 5 months. It’s been an enormous inspiration and education getting to intimately know Cuban people, building friendships, experiencing their music and seeping into their welcoming culture. The moments have been profound, invaluable examples of resourcefulness, courage, individualism, optimism – all attributes under the overarching principles of thriving, in a place of much hardship and poverty, separated a mere 90 miles from the richest mainland.

How rich is a country, where smiles are hard to find on the streets, in the homes, in the air? What’s being deposited in the bank? What’s been borrowed?

In Havana, I’m learning the human spirit cannot be defeated. I’m certain this journey and engagement has only just begun.

basketball, Havana, La Habana, Cuba, score, jump, leap, thriving, La Habana Vieja, game

Seawall, Havana, La Habana, Vedado, Malecon, Malecón, Cuba, Gulf of Mexico, wave crashing, wave, waves, spray, strong winds, weather, thriving

Photographs © Michael Ast, 2018