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Bedminster (Handmade Book, 2006)

Returning to Bucks County work from a decade and more past. Conscious of my home region’s changing landscape resulting from encroaching suburban sprawl, I applied an edit to my first attempt at a leporello book.

A Return – Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Nearly 2 decades have gone by, as was somewhat intentional, without paying much attention to this contained photographic work. The overarching theme, which I used these cameras to achieve (and a couple others), was a depiction of my home region of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and its changing landscape . . . . a vanishing rural […]

Returning to Decade-old Prints (Bucks County 1998 – 2006)

Feels good to return to old work . . . been looking back at photographs and prints I made from @ 1998 – 2006 in my maternal home of Bucks County. I might begin to pick up where I left off, documenting the changing landscape from a rural one to a nonsensical, suburban one. If […]

From the Banks . . . Delaware River (12.3.15)

Back to Printmaking . . . New Etchings in Works

A Work in Progress – “Home Schooling” posted to website

From Home Schooling: “Recent etchings and photographs made within a couple miles of home. An ode of sorts to Gary Snyder and the discipline he’s stressed of knowing one’s own “backyard” first and foremost. Snyder may have been referring to domestic fauna, but as with any poet who gazes intensely into the outer world, he […]