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Witnessing Ron Jude’s Nausea for the First Time

I just witnessed Ron Jude’s “Nausea” for the first time, beneath a wooden pavilion being hammered on by a cold Summer rain. I come across this image spread out like the ominous sky surrounding me. It strikes like thunder. A flooring image. An awe accumulates page by page. Pensive photographs brandished by a frenzied, but […]

Archipelago by Matthew Porter (Mack Books, 2015)

Can’t put it down . . . a photobook where conceptual play does not detract the experience. Quite the editing here . . . I wasn’t surprised to see Roe Etheridge’s name in the acknowledgments. I’m new to Matthew Porter’s photography. “Archipelago” pulls from the history of his output (from what I’ve gathered), utilizing a […]

Jungjin Lee – “Unnamed Road” published by Mack

Jungjin Lee’s photographs are an indelible experience. Mack is courageous in taking on the task of reproducing her large-scale, hand-made prints (from rice paper with applied emulsion). She is a seamless master in executing metaphorical imagery. Her work is not blasphemous, extroverted photographic pictorialism, but the work of a spirited, interior-working artist. Her books “Thing” […]