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Squall, Spinnerstown

View from kitchen Window this morning . . . daylight savings time succeeded by 12 inches of hard snow.

Walking at Dusk

Inherent sadness in the church bell tonight. Walking down Pond Road. Twilight in the puddles and the ravine on the dead leaves. Ambling along the mire, the crunch of stone and slush under my shoes, I stop to make a few pictures, pushing the ISO to a higher grain. Rain drops. Ice begins to patter […]

Back to Printmaking . . . New Etchings in Works

Sunday Morning Walk

Morning walk. Sunday. The dew drops fooled me for rain. Acorns strike gutters, my neighbors car. The neighborhood is two shades more yellow today. Not knowing my insects, is that monotone whistle a cicada? Feeling guilty for a moment, then jealous, thinking of Gary Snyder’s native knowledge. Crows caw. United Church of Christ bells in […]

Easter Morning – A Winter’s Worth

Holidays in the western world, we all know, are a blasphemous experience. Commercialism has obviously defeated the sacred, which has always been its underlying mission. A long, but successful journey, material value has conquered the invaluable with the majority of capable minds. The notion, which I retaliate against consciously with limited success, is precisely why […]

A Work in Progress – “Home Schooling” posted to website

From Home Schooling: “Recent etchings and photographs made within a couple miles of home. An ode of sorts to Gary Snyder and the discipline he’s stressed of knowing one’s own “backyard” first and foremost. Snyder may have been referring to domestic fauna, but as with any poet who gazes intensely into the outer world, he […]